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The vision of TD Energy (Pvt) Ltd is to light up and energize Zimbabwe, it’s people, and economy to the tune of 1000MW by the year 2025.

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Our vision in the Renewable Energy sector is meant to not only harvest and revolutionize solar, wind, and hydro-power for the benefit of industry, mining, tourism, agriculture, and many other sectors of the economy but to light-up Zimbabwe and Africa in general. Africa remains a dark continent at night and using google earth at night confirms that we are still the darkest continent despite having the longest sunshine period and greater harvest time than all other continents.

Our vision is to solarize all of our roof-tops, solarize small towns and rural areas and improved the living standards of our people. We believe that this will be a very financially viable, technically feasible and socially impactful endeavor of a kind not yet seen anywhere on the African continent. With this vision lies the opportunities to assemble or manufacture solar panels and the necessary components, storage batteries and a host of other technological inventions around the concept.

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This we aim to achieve through the efficient and effective application of appropriate on-and-off-grid technologies that will impact the communities in which we operate.

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At TD Energy we are committed to seeing Zimbabwe become a “Solar Nation”. For this to take place, renewable energy equipment must be affordable, of the highest quality and easily accessible to homeowners, schools, community groups and business, municipalities and government.  We not only provide the products to create a renewable future, but the expert services to build it and the education to support it. We use industry best equipment and adopt a best practice policy for design and installation

We have a genuine passion for what we do, and as the industry leaders, everyone at TD Energy is committed to creating access to clean, green and affordable energy. With a huge network of renewable energy experts, TD Energy’s team is the key to our success in supplying the industry’s finest products and service.

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TD Energy’s core values are based on the fundamental rights of every individual, such as the protection of privacy, freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of association, non-discrimination, and the right to be heard. We thrive on:






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