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Energy Efficiency Consultation


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Our partners buttress our approach. We commit to produce clean energy based on a strong environment commitment, supported by:

Energy Efficiency Consultation


We are part of a clean global energy revolution. Together with our partners, our objective is to reduce the cost of clean energy production and to bring the price of renewable electricity in line with the price of that produced from fossil resources.


We believe solar energy must be accessible to everyone and we work to create efficient energy solutions to make this possible.



The production of energy comes with great responsibility. We work to create sustainable, environmentally conscious energy solutions. Our solar plant must contribute significantly to reduction of carbon dioxin emissions and the footprint of Zimbabwe.


We are committed to the work-life balance of our employees and we guarantee professional development through building skills and qualifications, as well as ensuring descent housing and living standards.

Construction Manager
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Solar Panels on Roof

TD Energy is a renewable energy provider for all Zimbabweans.

Our mission is to be the best renewable energy supply and installation company in Zimbabwe for residential, commercial, municipal and government systems; continually striving to maintain excellence in components, installation and superior customer service. We are:  Zimbabwe’s leading independent renewable energy advisor, designing tailored solutions from a wide range of suppliers

The reliable source of technical support and precision installation dedicated to raising community awareness about the benefits of sustainable energy technology.

Nobody should ever have to choose between affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy as it is our mission to make sustainable energy abundant.

Our Offering: Welcome
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